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Canoe kayak in french river

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CANOE kayak trips in HERAULT river, SOUTH of FRANCE

We propose you 3 different itineraries on the river :

The easiest itinerarie is 8 km. It is particulary suitable for beginners or families and open to everybody above the age of six.

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8 km :
One strolls in the most wild part of the river. It will be appropriate more particularly to the children, nature lovers and those trying canoeing for the first time. This is the best itinerary for a family group, covering a good varied section of the river with some small rapid stretches along the way. Here you will need to count a paddling time of 2 hours or 4 to 6 hours with stops thrown in.

7 km and 15 km : here we have two itineraries which require a little more hard work on the canoeing side and we recommend a minimum age level of 11 years.

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7 km :
The Thaurac itinerary has a number of "fun" stretches for canoeists, small rapids, downward passages etc. The trip can be covered in around 1.30 or 2.00 hours but leaving aside time for stops or picnics, you should count a total trip time of anything from 3.00 to 5.00 hours.

15 km :
For those seeking a more challenging itinerary, we recommend Adventure. You will need to count a paddling time of around 4 hours. Adding in the stops you can expect a total trip time of 6 to 8 hours in other words "a day on the river" . Adventure is an excellent combination of the sporting challenge and an opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful river scenery. 

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Safety and security

We are sure that you will spend an enjoyable time on the River Herault but here are some basic recommendations which will help to make your trip a memorable event.

    You must be able to swim a distance of 25 yards,

    Your lifejacket should be worn at all times,

    Wear light plastic or canvas shoes,

    Bring the food you need and above all sufficient drinking water,

    Do not underestimate the sun, use sunglasses and suitable protection creams,

    In the early and late months of the season bring a light jacket such as a K WAY.

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